Sunday, December 11, 2016

pink pussy hat project

Check out the Pink Pussy Hat project.  The mental image of thousands of women wearing warm pink hats (with pussy cat ears) while marching inauguration day to express concerns for women's health issues hooked me.  The Pink Pussy Hat project writers were inviting and I wanted to be part of this action.  I couldn't wait to find pink yarn.  Although I am a fiber artist, I'm not a knitter.  I learned to knit in junior high when mohair sweaters were the rage, but haven't done much for years.  A decade or so ago I picked up knitting needles and some cool yarn to make a scarf for a gift.  After a few false starts, I had the rhythm and was tickled I was able to dredge up memories from 40+ years ago and was actually knitting.   Several inches into the scarf, I noticed it had begun to narrow.  I realized I had been dropping a stitch or two every few rows.  I hadn't remembered to count my stitches.  Duh.  Counting isn't my thing.  There's always more than one way to "skin a cat" so pulled everything apart and did a re-start opting to use a pegged plastic ring (knitting loom).  It was a breeze and I didn't need to count.

hat #1
For the Pink Pussy Hat project, I used the knitting ring.  I'm working on my third hat and will be sending them to Washington DC to join other hats made by hand for women to wear on January 20, 2017.