Tuesday, September 22, 2015

precursor and problem solving prior to "pairings" -- part 3

The fiber collage (with applique, stencil design and hand
embroidery) right side down is ready to mount on
prepared stretched canvas.

Wrapped canvas is "framed" with thin wood slats.

Corner clamps hold frame "square".


detail of completed piece

precursor and problem solving prior to "pairings" -- part 2

Tea dyed silk organza over tulle is machine stitched echoing
the circle appliqué on the fiber collage.  (See previous post)
The tulle is trimmed away.

And stitched by hand with embroidery floss.

Stitching of the fiber collage can be seen through the embroidered overlay.

Monday, September 21, 2015

precursor and problem solving prior to "pairings"

A doodle/sketch/idea for our PAIRINGS project became the plan for my practice.

Using scraps from my PAIRINGS partner, Suza of Suza Designs a fiber collage was made.  I was thrilled when gifted these "trimmings" to use in my various projects.  These fabrics were hand woven by using a variegated warp she dyed. 

Silk circles (from an under used silk blouse) were fuzed to the background collage.

A stencil (part of a plastic placemat) was used to create pattern on the silk circles.

The printed pattern was enhanced with stitched marks.

Hand dyed warp threads were used for stitching.

The color variations of the stitches creates interest.