Saturday, February 11, 2012


Families  grow and change.

A gift to honor my mother, FOREVER hangs in the newly renovated community center of Lenior Woods Senior Community.  LA FAMILIA was reimagined, redesigned and remade to become FOREVER.

My mother is one of three daughters in a family of five.  I am one of three daughters in a family of five.  My son has a family of five.

FOREVER, five individual and unique forms, reference, overlap, surround and snug with each other, like a family.  

Friday, February 3, 2012

the new family

La Familia Nueva

Five Januarys ago, my first grandchild was born.  LA FAMILIA NUEVA celebrates that joyous occasion.  It also bookmarks a subtle shift in my work; from sculptural basketry to sculptural forms with openings using basketry materials.  This slight change in approach creates significant design opportunities, as the forms are no longer “required” to stand up straight or have an opening at the top. 

These long reed structures began by experimenting with open twining and creating a pointed beginning and ending.  Highly textured handmade paper of black denim sheathed the forms and openings were placed in non-traditional places.  

Although conceived to rest, support and cuddle one another, they appear differently with each exhibition.   In one exhibition, they hung on the wall.