Tuesday, October 28, 2014

over dye play day: part 1

PROCESS:  rust dyed linen (pieces of deconstructed salvaged clothing) were presoaked in soda ash before dyeing.  Procion MX dyes were applied to the folded/clamped fabric then wrapped in plastic and left to "batch" for 24 hours.
TECHNIQUE 1: presoaked (soda ash bath) linen was wrapped on a 2" PVC pipe and bound with nylon cord.  MX BRONZE (medium) and (light) were applied with syringe in alternating bands.
bound and dyed

unbound, rinsed, washed, pressed and ready

TECHNIQUE 2: presoaked (soda ash bath) linen was scrunched tightly into a plastic container; ICE BLUE (light) and LILAC (medium) were applied with syringe. 

rinsed, washed, dried and steam pressed

Completed mobius scarf from rust dyed linen scrunched and over dyed with ICE BLUE and LILAC.

TECHNIQUE 3: presoaked (soda ash bath) linen was folded and clamped with metal washers then dipped in MX BRONZE (medium).

rinsed, washed, dried and steam pressed

Completed mobius scarf from rust dyed linen clamped and over dyed with MX BRONZE.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

paper swap preparations

Marking making with rust from found metal objects has intrigued me for some time.  My introduction to "rust" dyeing came many years ago when a friend of a friend shared her rust and over dyed silk fabrics.  Those patterns and colors are still fresh in my memory.  Back then, I limited my experiments to the realm of paper (trying to keep focused) and was able to get some rust stains transferred by repeatedly dampening nails and letting them dry on top of some handmade paper sheets.  Any visible rust particles were brushed off and cockled papers were pressed flat.  The marks were not very dramatic so the experiment was filed under "been there, done that".

Recent trends in botanical printing and rust dyeing rekindled my rust interest.  Deconstructed linen or cotton garments are folded. wrapped, clamped then layered with objects from my "rusty" collection.  The fabric is spritzed with vinegar, covered and left to do it's thing.
cotton and linen resist dyed with rust

In preparation for the Yahoo Papermaking Group 2014 Swatch Swap, I have a rust/paper experiment in progress.  Sandwiched in plastic are dampened cotton waterleaf paper (white), a vintage metal door mat and dampened handmade paper (green daylily and aqua cotton waterleaf).  Tick, tock.  

My hope is that rust patterns will be transferred to the handmade paper.  If successful, the patterned papers will be torn into 2" x 3" swatches and sent for inclusion in this years samples.  If the experiment is not successful, there will still be time to make new paper (cotton with rust dyed linen thread waste inclusions).

Crossing my fingers and toes.